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Avaqua Spray

AVAQUA is a multi-purpose cleaning spray and polish which leaves no streaking or residue upon evaporation. It is a dewatering fluid and cleaner which can be use on any bike....

Bike Butter

Long-Lasting Lubricating Paste BIKE BUTTER is a water and dirt repelling castor oil and PTFE lubricant paste to use on gear and brake cables/levers and on threads to inhibit corrosion....

Bike Juice 750ml (Concentrate degreaser)

Precision Cleaner & Degreaser BIKE JUICE is a versatile concentrate which can be used undiluted as a degreaser or diluted for rapid removal of soil and other ride grime. Safe...

Bike Syrup 60ml (Wet lube)

Exceptionally quiet and long lasting. BIKE SYRUP is a long lasting wet film chain lubricant which contains a cushioning additive that coats the metal surfaces inside the links to provide...

Meteor Vortex Pro

Moon Meteor Vortex Pro 900 lumen light for road or mountain bike. For more information visit What's in the box: METEOR VORTEX PRO RB-25 (Handlebar bracket) RB-16 (Helmet bracket)...

Vittoria Pista Control

Strong endurance track tyre, suitable for rougher track surfaces like concrete. The Pista Control features a strong Corespun 290TPI casing, and a Graphene enhanced compound for a combination of low...

Izumi Track Chain

Izumi Silver Izumi are the track chain specialists. From their toughest NJS chains to the long lasting standard chains you can't go wrong with Izumi. Made in Japan

Zalish 200ml

'Surface-active' cleaning. Shines and Protects. ZALISH. Highly effective 'surface active' product for cleaning and coating surfaces to leave a protective film. ZALISH is biodegradable and suitable for use on most...